Tromsø Outdoor / Crampons for touring ski boots / Jääraudat

Tromsø Outdoor tarjoaa vuokralle touring-monoihin kiinnitettävät jääraudat.

Sijainti: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

Varaus ja lisätiedot:

Tromsø Outdoor offers model crampons Haute Route from Grivel. Size 36-46.

A specific product for ski touring considering the technical needs of users together with the search of simplicity and lightness. Totally new and 'bomb-proof' model that can easily adapt to the modern ski touring boots. Front part made of steel with 6 points arranged in rational order.

Flex regulation bar.

Rear part made of light alloy with 4 points. Antibott mounted on the rear part, optional in the front part but included in the package. Compact storage and minimum weight for transport.

Location: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø, Norway


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